Brand Introduction


FOOTWORK LAB® originated from China, focusing on human biomechanics AI digital diagnosis, gait adjustment and correction solutions.
Through AI digital intelligence detection and diagnosis assessment, we provide personalized solutions for gait adjustment and correction for children aged 3-12 years old, youth and adult sports protection, rehabilitation assistance and pain relief with "dynamic correction" as the core. The company also uses a large model of language to achieve artificial intelligence guidance in the field of segmentation. It is the first health technology brand in China to achieve independent research and development in the whole chain from detection system to solution.

Brand symbol: exclamation mark

The graphic symbol of FOOTWORK LAB® is the "exclamation mark".
It is abstractly evolved from the gait pressure diagram, which means amazement and good health at every step.

Company and Team

FOOTWORK LAB® Digital Intelligence Medical Technology

FOOTWORK LAB® Digital Intelligence Medical Technology provides AI digital intelligence industry solutions GPT assisted diagnosis system and a flexible fabric sensing smart wear solution for rehabilitation medical and sports health fields. At present, mainly for gait health, focusing on the implementation of human mechanics gait adjustment and correction delivery solutions.

With years of independent research and development, it has accumulated more than 100 national patents, established intelligent production lines, a provincial industrial design center, and won the first prize in the National Science and Technology Invention Award, and participated in the development of national standards.

The capability of digital R&D

Extensive Internet development experience and technical expertise. Comprehensive ability to combine medical application fields, industrial design, software, hardware, and algorithms. The technology and product development team focuses on scenario-oriented development, deployment, and implementation, with an in-depth understanding of various emerging technologies and application scenarios, a keen sense of innovation, and a forward-looking technical vision.

We will continue to promote research and development, dedicated to providing advanced, reliable, and innovative digital solutions for global users, and continuously promote technological innovation and application.


We want to

Together with partners in the field, we provide Chinese and global users with truly Chinese, technological, convenient and cost-effective solutions,
so that "personalized and exclusive customization" of gait health is no longer unattainable, so that everyone can feel the beauty from health technology,
and so that every city in the world can enjoy the professional solution service of FOOTWORK LAB®.