FOOTWORK LAB® Solutions in Global Presence

FOOTWORK LAB® Solutions in Global Presence

FOOTWORK LAB® solutions have been applied and validated by expert practitioners from dozens of countries around the world.
They come from the fields of sports rehabilitation, rehabilitation medicine, podiatry, orthopedics, professional sports training institutions, etc.
In China, gait adjustment and foot health are also getting more and more attention.


FOOTWORK LAB® has been exported to more than 40 countries in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, etc.
More than 40 countries around the world have exported comprehensive solutions from AI digital inspection to personalized product customization.


Currently,FOOTWORK LAB® has established more than 400 solution service scenarios worldwide.
involving podiatry clinics, medical foot care, sports rehabilitation, rehabilitation medicine, sports training, sports brands and other fields.

Application Scenarios For FOOTWORKLAB Solutions

FOOTWORK LAB® solutions have been applied to sports rehabilitation, podiatry clinics, medical foot care, rehabilitation medicine, sports training, sugar foot care and other scenarios.
Meanwhile, FOOTWORK LAB® has established brand new retail stores and gait health centers to provide more focused and professional services to each user.

Foot Chiropractic Clinic


Sports Rehabilitation Center

Orthopedic Clinic

Children's Fitness

Sports equipment chains

Sports Training

Brand new retail stores

Gait Health Center

FOOTWORK LAB®'s channels and cooperation cases

With a comprehensive solution developed independently, from a digital intelligent detection system to personalized customization, FOOTWORK LAB® We have collaborated with dozens of brands and have also been exposed in multiple channels both domestically and internationally
FOOTWORK LAB® The cooperative brands include clinics, children's and youth brands, sports brands, golf, gyms, sports rehabilitation, sports events, etc.

Domestic brand cooperation cases

Foot Clinic From Bulgaria

This is the feedback from our Bulgarian agent, who sent us these pictures. He informed us that our solution has received excellent feedback in the local market.

Many podiatrists who have experienced the machine have left positive comments. We are delighted to be able to assist our customers and look forward to further collaboration and mutual growth with them.

Foot Clinic From UK

We have received positive feedback from Feet First Chiropody, a podiatry clinic in the UK.

They have informed us that even during the transportation process, over 30 customers have already made appointments for our X5 foot scanner’s assessment and custom fitting services. We are thrilled to hear this news, as it indicates that our product can assist patients and has generated a highly positive response.


XTEP Kids was established in 2012, marking XTEP Group's official entry into the children's fashion industry. XTEP Kids advocates releasing children's nature and caring for their healthy and happy growth. Focus all available resources to create a new brand promotion model in the industry.

We are already in deep cooperation with XTEP Kids. The traditional shoe industry is very competitive, and we can provide XTEP Kids with services that are different from other brands, and the differentiated services will bring innovation and opportunities for XTEP Kids.

Pan's Sports Trauma Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Center

Pan's Sports Trauma Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Center is an integrated sports rehabilitation physical therapy center specializing in the treatment of sports trauma (acute and chronic soft tissue injuries, bone and tendon injuries), including the rehabilitation of orthopedic patients after surgery and fatigue recovery of sports enthusiasts after exercise.

Sports injuries are closely related to force line problems. Our foot scanning and force line detection systems, combined with personalized and customized products, provide more professional testing and solutions for sports trauma rehabilitation physical therapy centers.