Professional Training System

Human Mechanics Gait and Foot and Spine Health Evaluator

Theoretical knowledge is combined with practical exercises and at the end of the training, FOOTWORK LAB grants the assessor a certificate of accreditation. FOOTWORK LAB Human Mechanics Gait and Foot and Spine Health Evaluator

Training for Junior Assessor Certification

Training Duration: 3 days

Training for Intermediate Assessor Certification

Training Duration: 7 days

Training for Advanced Assessor Certification

Training Duration: 2 weeks

Health Training Content

Helps to identify and solve problems related to gait, foot and spine health by assessing the human gait, foot and spine

Training content Junior Assessor Intermediate Assessor Advanced Assessor
Human Kinesiology
Clinical and functional assessment
Gait analysis
Customer communication and consultation
Human anatomy
Rehabilitation assessment
Designated Rehabilitation Programs
Clinical practice
Imaging Interpretation
Expertise and research
Rehabilitation therapy techniques for children
Operation and use of equipment and instruments
Foot and ankle brace design and fabrication

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Limb force line detection and foot scanning system

● Whole-body biomechanical (postural) testing
● Foot and ankle scanning
● Lower extremity force line recognition testing



Biomechanical custom insoles

● Must be used with X5 system
● Various functional care scenarios
● A variety of sports scenarios
● Support logo customization



Foot pressure balance and limb force line detection system

● Plantar pressure and balance testing
● Lower extremity biologic force line and ankle testing
● Convenient mobility solutions



Dynamic gait detection AI-aided diagnosis system

● Real-time motion posture detection
● Motion gait pressure balance detection
● Ai dynamic gait detection

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Application Scenarios For FOOTWORKLAB Solutions

FOOTWORK LAB® solutions that have been applied to sports rehabilitation, podiatry clinics, medical foot care, rehabilitation medicine, sports training, diabetic foot care and other scenarios

Foot Chiropractic Clinic


Sports Rehabilitation Center

Orthopedic Clinic

Children's Fitness

Sports equipment chains

Sports Training

Brand new retail stores

Gait Health Center