Rehabilitation Assistance and Pain Relief Solution

Combined with dynamic exercise to help better recovery

Just like dynamic correction in gait adjustment, rehabilitation assistance requires dynamic exercises to help restore conditioning.
With custom insoles, combined with a certain dynamic adjustment exercise program, the force is transmitted from the foot, through the ankle, knee and hip joints to the pelvis.
Through the action of the human kinetic chain, the joint and force line deflections are gradually adjusted to aid in a better and faster recovery.

Correct gait to reduce the risk of sustained injury

If incorrect gait is not corrected in a timely manner, continued abnormal progression will result in ongoing injury that will worsen over time.
Correct gait, through dynamic correction, provides rehabilitation protection and reduces the risk of ongoing injury or recurrence.


Effective plantar support
Helps gait recovery


Limb force line balance repair
Reduction of persistent injury

Stress Relief

Combination of structural design and material application
Decomposition of abnormal concentrated forces

Assisted Rehabilitation and Pain Relief Solutions

A customized solution for rehabilitation assistance mainly for post-injury recovery, plantar fasciitis, foot pressure and pain relief, hallux valgus and other problems in teenagers and adults.

Solution for plantar fasciitis

● Balanced plantar pressure to reduce pain
● Dynamic arch support protection from inflammation

Solution for hallux valgus

● Balanced plantar pressure to reduce pain
● Correct abnormal force lines to prevent hallux valgus getting worse

Solution for Relieve pressure and pain

● Balancing plantar pressure to reduce pain
● Correction of abnormal force lines to avoid increased pain

Solution for Diabetic foot

● Nitrogen foam top layer, antibacterial and breathable to avoid deterioration
● Zoned pressure adjustment to relieve pressure at the wound

Solution for leg length inequality

● Scientific height compensation
● Prevention of scoliosis/ high and low shoulders due to leg length inequality and other body risks

FOOTWORK LAB® Customization Solution Process

What you see is a customized gait adjustment solution for you, rather than an ordinary product.