Children's Gait Adjustment and Correction Customization Solution

Medical-grade solutions, with professional care for children's gait health

Global sports medicine, rehabilitation medicine, and orthopedic experts believe that customized foot wear based on gait data detection and evaluation is one of the effective solutions to gait rehabilitation problems.

Customize Adjustment and Correction Plans According to Personalized Needs.

Different individuals, different symptoms, and even the two feet of the same child may have differences.
According to personalized needs, tailor-made exclusive adjustment and correction solutions.

The detection and evaluation data are synchronized, and the customization center completes the production

The consultant evaluates and analyzes, and matches the personalized "dynamic correction" exercise guidance plan.

FOOTWORK LAB® Children's Gait Adjustment Program Process

What you see is a gait adjustment solution tailored for children, rather than an ordinary product.

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