Understanding your Gait

Are your feet healthy?

Are your feet healthy? Flat feet, pronated feet, or foot imbalances can lead to foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, and even shoulder pain. If you are considering individually designed custom orthotics, a healthcare professional can perform a foot scan to show you how foot imbalances can lead to knee, hip, back and shoulder problems. The foot scan will show how functional orthotics can help. After the foot scan, a report will provide you with a pronation/stability index, foot assessment and physical evaluation.

Your Score (Pronation/Stability)

Your Pronation/Stability score appears in the Clinical Outcomes Report generated when our 3D laser technology scans your foot. The Pronation/Stability Score is a proprietary algorithm based on 16 different foot measurements. The index is taken from a foot foam cast or laser scan and indicates the degree of arch collapse. The higher the number, the more severe the collapse. The index shows the severity of the foot's Pronation/Stability, ranging from "Optimal" to "Severe". For example, an index of 102 indicates moderate Pronation/Unstability, and any degree of untreated imbalance can lead to chronic problems throughout the body.

Your body.

Body assessment images show how foot imbalances can lead to knee rotation, pelvic tilt and shoulder drop. These imbalances in the body may be caused by internal and external rotation of the foot. These instabilities can lead to conditions such as plantar fasciitis, knee pain, hip pain, back pain and neck pain. A properly aligned body will have symmetrical feet, level knees, pelvis and shoulders. Wearing custom orthotics may help alleviate imbalances and conditions caused by these imbalances.