Dynamic Gait AI Assisted Diagnosis System

F5-LAB Dynamic gait AI-assisted diagnosis system

Scope of application: Gait cycle detection and evaluation, motion posture evaluation, dynamic bipedal butterfly line analysis and evaluation, dynamic pressure evaluation and analysis
Weight: 57kg

The F5-LAB Dynamic Gait Pressure Detection table contains an integrated pressure measuring plate that measures and analyzes the pressure distribution during walking and running. The data of user's gait cycle can be collected effectively and analyzed completely by dual dynamic video acquisition.

Product advantages

Makes your business easier, simpler and more efficient

Technical support

Use sensors and intelligent algorithms to monitor patients' gait and help rehabilitation professionals develop personalized rehabilitation plans

Intelligent analysis

Uses cloud AI algorithm for intelligent analysis and processing of user data.

Data accuracy

The detection system relies on the user's big data samples to form high-quality analysis results through efficient intelligent analysis algorithms.

Integrated design

Integrated sole pressure collection, static/dynamic/balanced pressure evaluation and analysis, and customized insole measurement

Function performance - Technical parameters

Dynamic Gait AI-assisted diagnosis System Parameters

● Size: 1473*694*1089mm

● Sensor size: 46*138cm

Weight: 57kg

● Working voltage: 110V-220V

● Pressure point: 64x128

● Sensor: Resistive pressure sensitive fabric sensor

● Acquisition frequency: 60-100HZ

● Accessories: High precision camera *1

● IR depth camera *1

Operating system: Windows/Mac

● Support report online preview, on-site printing

Product Features

Multi-dimensional gait evaluation

Gait period


gait cycle refers to a complete walking cycle, from the starting position of one foot to the starting position of the next foot. By analyzing the gait period, walking abnormalities such as lameness or unsteady gait can be detected.

Body posture and balance

Gait analysis can help determine a person's body posture and balance. This is important for rehabilitation, elderly care, and athlete training and performance.

Gait symmetry

Gait detection can also assess whether a person's gait is symmetrical. An asymmetrical gait can be a sign of certain nerve or muscle problems.

Product Report

Provide professional test analysis report

Gait period

Gait COP

Pressure, pressure curve

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