F Move Pro

plantar pressure detection customized system upgrade

F Move Pro plantar pressure detection customized system upgrade

Scope of application: static pressure/dynamic pressure/balance pressure data detection, biomechanical insole customization, human biological force line detection
Weight: 6.5kg

Based on F Move, F Move Pro has upgraded the detection of human biological force lines. It is an intelligent scene solution that integrates biological force line detection, static/dynamic/balance pressure evaluation and analysis, and customized insoles. After detection, AI algorithms analyze user data, and customize insoles on site based on the data. The service framework can provide users with professional and personalized combination solutions.

Product Advantages

Make your business easier, simpler, and more efficient.

Multidimensional evaluation

Conduct multi-dimensional evaluation of the user's foot data, lower limb biomechanics, and overall posture.

Intelligent analysis

Adopt cloud AI algorithm to intelligently analyze and process user data.

Accurate data

The detection system relies on user big data samples to form high-quality analysis results through efficient intelligent parsing algorithms.

Convenient customization

Convenient on-site customization of insoles optimizes the customer's experience.

Functional Performance - Technical Parameters

FMove Pro Portable Sole Pressure Detection Customization System Upgrade System Parameters.

● Size:70*70*20cm

● System:Windows/Mac

● Weight:6.5kg

● Sensor:Resistive pressure sensitive fabric sensor

● Working Voltage:5V

● Sample collection frequency:60-100HZ

● Number of pressure points:64x64

● Support online preview and on-site printing of reports

Product Features

Stress Analysis - Balanced Stress Assessment - Product Customization

Static/Dynamic Pressure Assessment Analysis

Detection and analysis of plantar pressure during static, walking, or motion.

Balanced Pressure Assessment Analysis

Analyze the stress on the sole of the foot and assess the degree and cause of imbalance.

Biomechanical insole customization

Convenient on-site customization based on test results.

Product Reports

Provide professional testing and analysis reports

Arch of foot report

Standing report

Half Squat Report

Domain Applications

If you are engaged in these industries
Then this device can bring you more users and income.

Foot Care Center

Physical therapy center

Sports rehabilitation center

Shoe store

Orthopedic clinic