force line detection customization system

X5 force line detection customization system

Scope of application: foot data detection, posture and lower limb biomechanical line evaluation, biomechanical insole customization
Weight: 86kg

The X5 Human Biomechanics Detection and Customization System is an intelligent scene solution that integrates foot data detection and analysis, lower limb Biomechanics detection and analysis, whole body posture detection and analysis, and foot customization insoles. The system can analyze user data through cloud AI algorithms and customize insole products on site.

This system is derived from the nursing knowledge of modern German foot hospitals. It uses the method of measuring the foot and customizing the insole to provide effective support for the medial plantar and arch of the foot, improve foot valgus, and restore the body to its normal biological force line state.

Product Advantages

Make your business easier, simpler, and more efficient.

Multidimensional evaluation

Conduct multi-dimensional evaluation of the user's foot data, lower limb biomechanics, and overall posture.

Intelligent analysis

Adopt cloud AI algorithm to intelligently analyze and process user data.

Accurate data

The detection system relies on user big data samples to form high-quality analysis results through efficient intelligent parsing algorithms.

Convenient customization

Convenient on-site customization of insoles optimizes the customer's experience.

Functional Performance - Technical Parameters

X5 force line detection customization system parameters.

● Size:650*790*1480mm

● Camera:High accuracy camera*3

● Weight:86kg

● Measurement Accuracy:2mm

● Sensor:AI machine vision recognition system

● Source:110V-220V Alternating current

Product Features

Force Line Detection - Intelligent Analysis - Product Customization

Whole body force line detection

This device can perform pressure detection on the feet and detect the biological force lines of the lower limbs. A multi-dimensional and comprehensive approach to help you understand the customer's foot and power line issues.

Analysis of Cloud Intelligent Algorithms

Analyze user data based on cloud AI algorithms and intelligently produce professional detection and analysis reports to help you reduce the cost of hiring experts.

Product customization integration

Test and customize the integrated fuselage. After the test is completed, customization can be started based on the test data. Reducing the footprint of your device helps you set aside more space.

Product Reports

Provide professional testing and analysis reports

Lower limb report

Posture report

Arch of foot report

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Successful Case

Bulgarian customers

We can provide the service of displaying the customer's LOGO on the surface of the machine to ensure that it can be displayed in a complex environment.

We can also add text labels under the customer's LOGO to enhance its recognizability according to the customer's requirements.

We can also add the customer's LOGO to the digital display so that his customers can recognize and remember it more easily.

Domain Applications

If you are engaged in these industries
Then this device can bring you more users and income.

Foot Care Center

Foot Clinic

Physical therapy center


Shoe store

Orthopedic clinic