FOOTWORK LAB® AI Gait Detection System

Based on the only established saas software and hardware platform in the niche area in China,
FOOTWORK LAB® has built a complete gait AI detection system.
Through BODY FIT AI machine vision artificial intelligence model and Sinmec fabric sensing technology
It realizes a full range of gait, posture and foot ridge detection and AI algorithm analysis under static and dynamic conditions.

Self-developed core technology

We are working on our own core technologies in China, hoping to establish our own technology system and achieve wide application in the industry.
We have created two technology systems, BodyFit AI™ and sInmec fabrics, which can help to digitally upgrade the gait correction, rehabilitation medical and sports health fields.

BodyFit AI
Machine vision recognition artificial intelligence model

FOOTWORKLAB has created a support system that can a support system provided by a neural network that has been trained on millions of custom data to correctly understand the foot, leg, and spine state of the human body as well as posture, movement, and posture for all types of sports and rehabilitation movement monitoring and instruction.

Sinmec fabric
Flexible fabric sensor technology

Based on the fusion textile technology conducted by conductive materials and yarns, FOOTWORKLAB has been developed through innovative applications to form Sinmec fabirc fabric sensor technology, which has been applied to its own AI detection system and is being developed for wearable product applications.

Concentration, achievement of professionalism

FOOTWORK LAB® focuses on human biomechanics AI digital assisted diagnosis system and gait adjustment and correction solutions.
With 7 years of research and development, the company has accumulated more than 100 national patents, won the first prize in national science and technology inventions, and participated in the development of national standards.
FOOTWORKLAB will continue to research and develop and join hands with industry expert partners to forge independent technical barriers in the niche area.